Dear Saints and friends, I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus. The Lord has truly blessed the ministry that he has placed me over. When my wife and I started, we were walking by faith and not by sight. At the time I answered the call of God to pastor, I was the Youth Pastor at Saintsville COGIC, where Former Bishop J Neaul Haynes was the Pastor. Every thing was going great. I was surrounded by hundreds of members and lots of youth. I was enjoying the work of the Lord just where I was. But, I heard the voice of the Lord as he commissioned me to step out by faith. I answered the call and informed my pastor, Bishop Haynes that God was calling me to do a work. My wife and children were all I had a we left a comfortable place and went to a unfamiliar one. I started services in my garage. For Sundays on end, it was just my family and myself, but we stayed there. During that time, 10 members were added to the church. We were not discouraged. We stayed in the garage until the Lord opened a door and made a way for us to acquire a building. In September 1999, we relocated to 2129 Spikes street, the former Reformed Church of God in Christ. Today, I am glad that i obeyed the voice of the Lord. He has tremendously blessed his work. He has grown the membership. My wife no longer has to wear so many hats. At one time she would work as the Sunday School teacher, the head of the women's department and the choir all wrapped in one. But God has added to the church "And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved." It has not been easy, but my trust is in the Lord and he has remained faithful. The devil has attacked my body with sickness on several occasions. The Lord wanted me to be an example of His healing. I have had 2 brain tumors and God has healed me from everyone. Praise the Lord.